Why Should You Consider DM Dean Inc. To Build Your Custom Florida Home?

DM Dean Inc. continues to be a pioneer builder in Southwest Florida. We continue to raise the bar in home construction standards as you can see below with our construction standards timeline. If you are searching for a quality built home at the best price with a builder that has a reputation as a leader in their field, then you have found your builder in DM Dean Inc.

Below are reasons you should consider DM Dean Inc.

DM Dean Inc. uses an additional $1,000.00 in framing materials for the same size home in comparison to other builders.

DM Dean Inc. uses an additional $1,000.00 in mechanical materials for the same size home in comparison to other builders.

Since 2007 DM Dean Inc. homes have come standard with the following features:

  • 3 /14″ casing, 5 1/4″ base & crown trim
  • wood window sills
  • stepped ceilings
  • recessed HVAC equipment in the garage
  • tile throughout the home with underlayment
  • finished bull nose corners
  • 1/2″ plywood roofs

In 2009 DM Dean Inc. made brick pavers, walks and lanais standard home construction feature.

In 2010 DM Dean Inc. began designing homes with 90 degree sliders as a standard feature, something virtually unseen in home construction in South Florida.

Also in 2010 DM Dean Inc. designed a home that had the guest bath accessible from the pool area as well, this design was copyrighted and the copyright is still held by DM Dean Inc.

In 2011 DM Dean Inc. began building homes standard with dense shield for all exterior ceilings, and offer a LIFETIME warranty on these ceilings!

Also in 2011 DM Dean Inc. began building their homes to exceed FEMA requirements by 6″.

In 2013 DM Dean Inc. made low E impact glass standard for the efficiency, convenience, and most importantly the safety of our customers.

When you consider other builders we suggest you ask the following:

How many homes has the builder constructed in the previous year, and how much experience do they have building custom homes in Florida. DM Dean Inc. contracted over 70 homes to build in 2013, 80 in 2014 and 100 in 2015.

Has the builder had a judgement or lien against them or have they ever dad to litigate, or arbitrate with a customer? DM Dean Inc. has been building home since 1997 and we have never had a legal issue …  EVER!

Are the home plans the builder is offering their original designs or is there a risk of copyright infringement, and are you willing to be a party to a copyright law suit? All of DM Deans prints are our own design with many of them copyrighted, and built multiple times of the past several years.

What do ALL of the other builder’s customers think about them? Any builder can hand out a list of a few customers to contact. DM Dean Inc. hands out a list of 50 customers with their address, and phone number for you to contact and we will give you the phone number to EVERY customer we have ever built for here in Florida. Can any other builder offer that much confidence?